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Astrology & Vedic Remedies

We are analysing your horoscope than provideing your future details by audio format ( MP3) in your language.

Available Recording Language

  • Marathi
  • Telgu
  • Hindi
  • Tamil

           Our Process

  • We are getting your details through Online Form
  • We will find your naadi astrological leaf ( Patti )
  • We will call you and conform once
  • We will read and recording audio your future details
  • We will upload your audio file in your mail id


  • Find your required astrological package
  • Pay our consulting charge by online or offline
  • If you pay online you will get the Order Number in your email id
  • If you pay offline call us and get order number.
  • Fill online form and submit

Our Consulting

  • Family & Childrens
  • Education
  • Job & Business
  • Love & Marriage Life
  • Foreign Trip
  • Health & Life Spen
  • Vedic Remedies

About Naadi Astrology

The Naadi Astrology prediction’s process begins with your thumb impressions (Left thumb for women & Right thumb for men) and collects your family details via online form.

The next step is to search for those palm leaves that perfectly match the solution-seeker’s thumb print configuration and family details matched palm leaves.

There are over 108 different classifications of thumb impressions and the palm leaves have been arranged according to these variations. Matching the leaves with the thumb impression and family details may take a few hours to a few days and requires in-depth know-how of Naadi Astrology. Once properly matching leaves are found, the contents of the leaves are described by the Naadi expert astrologer in traditional Tamil language and then translated into the language of the client's choice for clear understanding.

An audio recording of the sacred verse and its predictive interpretations are also handed over to the client for future reference. Besides giving you comprehensive details of your past, present and future life, these age-old Naadi writings also suggest apt remedies to all problems including marriage problems, career inactivity, health risks, business problems, financial instability, property disputes, hurdles in higher education, child problem, success against enemy, and etc.

What we can do else.

  • We are guide Tamil Nadu temples and do Vedic Remedies for your family

  • We are arrange best vehicles for your happy journey

  • We are guiding you with Hindi or Marathi or Telgu and Tamil languages also

  • We are arrange and serve for traditional south Indian food

  • We are donating oil for oldest temples use for daily lamps

  • We are doing and donating for cow archive

  • If you interested to donate for oil or cow archive donates us

  • We will send the invoice for your payment

  • We will be updating the donator details in our site

Package Details
Choose Your Package

Package No-1

In this package you will get your future life history, we will explain your age of every 5 years according to Agasthiya Naadi. You will get your future life history out line.

Consulting Fee - INR- 1600.00

Package No-2

You will be getting your future life history from this package, your future will be explaining through Shiva Naadi Leaf (Patti) your age of every 3 years according to Vedic Astrology. You will be getting your personal life and family and education and eye vision and love and marriage life and more some details also including.

Consulting Fee - INR- 2600.00

Package No-3

If your choose this package no 3, You will be getting your future life history with more explanation , Vashshta naadi leaf ( Patti) will explain your age of every 2 years according to Vedic Astrology. You will get about your personal life and family and education and income source job or business and health and wealth and court case and foreign trip and children’s future life his/her education and Vedic remedies for decrease your personal and family problems.

Consulting Fee - INR- 3600.00

Package No-4

Vashshta Sukshama Naadi Leaf (Patti) will be explaining future life history according to your horoscope as per your age of every 1 year.


► Your total personal life history

► Education and Eye vision

► Relation between your brothers and sisters

► Details about vehicle and house and asset

► Job or business growth

► Love and Marriage life. (Ex. Where is the bride or bridegroom live? How is his character? Which direction? And more………..)

► Regarding Children’s education and marriage and future life.

► Relation with parent’s and his /her health and future also.

► Court case problem and solution.

► Spiritual life and about Guru Deksha and holy yathra’s.

► About your last birth sins effect and remedies for reduce effect.

Consulting Fee - INR- 4600.00

Vedic Remedies

We will be arranging a tour package in Tamil Nadu most popular temples visit and do remedies for your growth.
In case you are not come to attend the temple puja, we will be do and complete your puja the particular date and time then we will be send the holy puja materials ( prasadam ) by courier or post.


We are update oldest temples history and method of remedies and benefits from the temple.

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